Four Popular Art Installations Gone or To Go!

Lunamaruna + mushROOM

Some bad news this week. Scottius Polke send a note about his long running and much loved installations Lunamaruna and mushROOM: "Earlier today, I was informed that there was no more funding available to keep the installations Lunamaruna and mushROOM up, so I had to take them down. I'm sorry I wasn't able to give advance warning, but it was all rather sudden to me as well. I appreciate all the visitors who came by to see both of these, and glad that they gave so many people so much pleasure. Thanks to first Zachh and then Lizzy for housing it as long as they did. It was almost 3 years for mushROOM and about 2 1/2 for Lunamaruna, which is quite an impressive run." I will miss them and wish that i would have visited once more before they left!


The next closure I already announced, but Spirit by Claudia222 Jewell is still open and will have closing Party. From the press release: "The art installation "spirit" by claudia222 Jewell will leave the art screamer sim in early September after a 7 month exhibition. ....The installation "spirit" has had close to 20,000 unique visitors, with many returning again and again to drink in the primordial, slightly surreal atmosphere."

Closing party with  TwinGhost Ronas , Jordan Reyne and more.
 Sunday 9th, 10.30AM to 2.30 PM SLT
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Art%20Screamer/31/68/20

Anna's Many Murders

Also Bryn Oh had to announce an ending. Anna's Many Murders will close too. Bryn Oh: "Sadly the time has come for Anna's to be removed, but new artists will take over the space, so that in itself is something to cheer about. Anna's Many Murders will remain up until the 28th of September so there is still time to see it again or perhaps for the first time." Gladly some more time to enjoy. I f you haven't seen the installation after the replacement you should go too. Bryn has added mean stairs which brought me back home when I was falling down. 

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Originalia/58/221/108

Buddha said that all beings are suffering and the biggest suffer is, that all in life is changing. But obviously most seem to love suffering, otherwise it is not explicable that bad news always find more attention than the good ones. I am already sure that this post will have many hits. Before you now join the complaints about all the closures in Second Life, please take note that two of the places Art Screamer and Originalia are just replacing the artworks by other installations.Without changing there is no progression. An optimist can look  excited forward to new installations. And if you still complain that 2 places are lost, then look through  my blog ans ask yourself, if you took note of all the openings, visited the new places and donated generously!

I will visit Spirit and Anna's Many Murders the next day and will enjoy them one last time!

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