Sneak Preview: Three Artists at Split Screen

Today opens a new monthly installation at Split Screen and as usual it is a highlight.

Simotron Aquila: Conditioned Actions

In her clear and humorous style she let us feel the constant restrictions of our life in a civilised culture. It got the strong feeling, all choices are at the end no real chances to change something. Great work!

Misprint Thursday: Ile de Couer

With the provided HUD to wear you can float over the water and can create your own design. It will look especially great when more avatrs are using that. Make sure to have water setting on Reflections and particles on. I found that water on Murky has the best reflections.

Rose Borchowski: Echos in the Garden

...or Susa Bubble is back. I think beautiful and poetic are the right words to describe the work. Is anybody listening? Make sure to have sound on :) Susa is still becoming more mature and learns to enjoy life by taking it just as it is and making the best of it. I felt in love with it!

Dancing in the rain

Opening today at 1 PM SLT!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beleza/36/217/1501


Lizzie Gudkov said...

Very interesting! Just visited and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for sharing, Quan :)

Anonymous said...

ty Quan xx