The Beauty of Purism

By PatriciaAnne Daviau
The interview with William Weaver for the exhibtion at Art India Gallery made me aware, that we sometines are too much focused on the discussion about sculpts and meshes. One should not forget about the boundless possibilities of the simple cube.

By Haveit Neox

By Maya Paris
It was a great idea of Bryn Oh to curate a 5-day-build with only black an white cubes. More than 20 artists contributed on 20 LEA sims from LEA10 to LEA29.

By Bryn Oh
By Pixels Sideways
Secret Rage made me aware of the project. She made a machinima of her build at LEA25.

I am far from having explored all, but I am already overwhelmed by the variety of ideas.

By Pol Jarvinen
Open August 22nd. to September 1st.

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