Sneak Preview: Fiona's Eyecandy

When it comes to succesful 2D art in Second Life, Fiona Leitner is one of the first names which are in my mind. Fiona creates her digital art for SL and it just works. Almost always I had works by her in my virtual home and all my guests loved them. At the beginning I tried to place my favourite uploaded RL works but it looked simply boring. Fiona's works are always an eye catcher.

Fiona works in SL since 2009 with a still growing group of fans. Encouraged by her succes in SL, she started this year to sell her works in print. And sadly her plan was to retreat from art creation in SL. When I started curating Art India Gallery I immediately had in mind to show a retrospective of Fiona's best works. But I was happy to hear that she "secretly" still creates. Therefore, her "Best of" show is completed with new works. Having a bad relationship with the word art because of the misuse of it by many she rather refers to her work as 'Eyecandy'.

So, come and see "Best of Eyecandy" by Fiona Leitner!

FIONA LEITNER 'Best of Eyecandy' and WILLIAM WEAVER 'build 010'
Opening today, Friday @ 12-2 PM SLT at Art India Gallery feat. DJ Alessa

For 'build 010' make sure to have your viewer on Ultra and shadows enabled.

Taxi: sadly gone

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