Fragile Reality: Virginia Alone

You may wonder why I never wrote about "Virgina Alone" by Bryn Oh. Here is the reason:

When AVENUE asked me in June to write for them I saw a great chance to present art in classier layout than just a blog. I was reading AVENUE for a long time already because of the professional layout and the high class photographers. Usually AVENUE is released by 10th of each month but sadly the July copy had bad delay because of technical issues.

SO FINALLY read my article on Bryn's latest work which is really impressing. Please find it starting from page 204. Eve Kazan contributed wonderful photos. I never could have done in this quality. You can get inworld a hardcopy of the magazine.

 And agreed with Dividni Shostakovich:  "Virginia Alone" and Bryn Oh's works cannot have enough media coverage!

Secondly, the Featured Artist in July is Simotron Aquila. Read the interesting interview with her starting on page 213. The photos are taken by Simotron.

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immersiva/19/129/21

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