Pimp Your Oss to Party!

Sadly all current LEA grant sims are closing August 15. for the next round. Time to say say goodbye to some great places.

And time for another unforgettable party! Already the opening of 'CelebTitsOff' was huge fun, much laughter and made me ending like that:

I still have my inventory packed with much funny items and attachments I got in the installation. And this time, Maya Paris, expects us to decorate our own oss if we want to. From her invitation: "Party-time! We're having a TitsOff Party closing party on Monday 13th August from 2pm SLT until we drop. Everyone welcome. Pimp My 'Oss - full perms 'Oss for you to modify and wear. Looking forward to seeing your creations!"

I had much fun pimping my oss. Not to expose too much I can already say that I will look spectacular! Get your own full perm oss to pimp here; just click the sign: http://slurl.com/secondlife/LEA10/78/125/3405

Don't miss that fun today, Monday at 2 PM SLT!
Taxi to Party zone: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA10/73/123/3032

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