Fantasy China goes Real Art

I like the Fantasy China Dynasty Land and the work of Alial Allen and Stone Ryba since I joined SL. Stone Ryba did much efforts on creating classic Chinese building  components and clothes, which he sells in the store. Currently the sim is rebuild and the buildings changed from Tang to Ming Dynasty. How do I know? The roofs are green instead of yellow. As I pointed out in the discusssion with Bryn Oh, more than 1.000 years of art history is about defining the techniques. The motifs always has been the same. Luckily the ancient art is still alive in China but even better that there is contemporary art too nowadays.

Tang Lady
Stone Ryba, an artist in RL too,  is running a great project. He is building an art village in China which is called black wood and is almost finished. The art village will be open to artists from all over the world to live and work there. Some Chinese artists has joined the village already.

The related website Gaudi Art is an online auction platform aims to serve original Chinese artists, that includes core business such as online artwork auctions and also offline artwork transactions and auction activities.

Some of these works are sold as well in the gallery in the Fantasy China sim. 1.000 Linden are a few changed in Western money but much more in RMB, the Chinese currency.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Liberia%20Isle/111/110/31

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