The Drax Files: Flokers

This Drax Files has been released in June when I was so busy with Art in Hats that I missed to post this:

For an interview I had the chance to get in contact with Flokers Resident and was very impressed. She is autistic and the protected world of Second Life helps her to get in a closer contact with others as she would be able in Real Life. She paints portraits of avatars in SL. For that she has to do a close  look on the portrayed avatars. Something that would be impossible for her in RL. This practise helps her to improve the interaction with others in RL. I learned that an autist does not suffer of autism. She feels ok to be alone.

It is sad that medical science still totally overseas the countless possibilities in virtual worlds to enhance the lifes and diseases of people not only with mental illness. My best friend for example had a bad stroke which left her one side lame and with many more handicaps. At the beginning when she was back she could not do anything. She needed help to rez an object or to dress and often she did not see items which where inworld. I often logged in with her avatar to fix something. But over the months and years it becomes better day by day and I am happy to see that progression. In RL she still sits in a wheel chair but in Second Life her freedom almost back. And I think it is a mental training for her and helps her to improve in RL too.

But back to Flokers: Draxtors machinima explains as well her Synesthesia, a rare ability to see letters and numbers as colors and why Flokers has chosen to be child avatar. Very impressive!

If you are interested in her portraits - here is the LM of her gallery:

And if you are able to read German, find the interview here at page 85:

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