Mental Health Fair

As so often I stumbled by it's end over this interesting event but I think it is that important that I share with you here. What is a "Mental Health Fair" and what to get there? Going there I saw a row of tents with trade goods but the interesting part is in the center where events are held. Every day the event provides information about different mental illness. Today I learnt about healthy and unhealthy relationships, also in SL.

I guess everyone meets in Second Life sooner or later someone with mental diseases. In RL I worked a while with a healer and was more than once surprised how many people have mental issues and that one cannot see that from outside. In SL the anonymity gives us the freedom to expose more of us and as I learnt today at the fair, the protected virtual world is a good platform to learn different and better ways of dealing with issues. Joshuan Banx, the head of "Inspirational Mental Health" said: " People with mental diseases find refuge here but it's the same here and in RL. Some find their refuge in drugs, sex, gangs, and other things. Many find it in virtual worlds...people with mental illness should be loved and supported just like those with cancer but unfortunately we still have a lot of stigma and face discrimination." And he knows about the topic: " I have ptsd ( post traumatic stress disorder) in RL and have suffered from depression, anxiety, flashbacks, hallucinations, and other symptoms of mental illnesses. I didn't have resources and information and it was hell for me. Eventually I had two friends who helped me but it made me wonder how many others didn't have resources and information and were suffering alone. I reached out to other groups in sl and in rl and no one responded to me. I wanted that to change so here we are!"

The home Inspirational mental Health, whre regularly meetings and events are held

The event theme today, Thursday, will be " Eating disorders and Panic Attacks".

Program today:

2 pm slt - What is panic attack? What are the symptoms? And what are some coping skills to help with panic attacks?

5 pm slt - How is being a child avi healing the inner child? How can you protect your child in sl? and what you may want to do in order to prevent triggers.

7 pm slt - Eating disorders information 

This is the last day of the fair. After the event the group will start to RL projects and will continue holding meetings inworld.

Get more information here:
Inspirational Mental Health at Facebook: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Migaia%20Isle/22/201/1002
Website: http://www.inspirationalmentalhealth.com/

Taxi to fair: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alpha%20Centauri/223/102/1401

Taxi to Inspirational Mental Health: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Migaia%20Isle/21/202/1002

You may subscribe here for information or join the inworld group: secondlife:///app/group/e047b46b-e202-e0cf-cec4-0e537e184bf6/about

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