KAGAMI - The Game

Usually I log in to Second Life for working: blogging, organizing, supporting, curating, meetings and stuff. I cherish the hours when I take the time to play in SL as today.

Kagami is an excellent made mystical game. At the entrance you take a HUD and choose your language.

What is the story about? The latest rumour in the school was: "Hey, you know what? At midnight, put two mirrors facing each other. Then you can see your future spouse in the mirror!" Most stayed suspicious, but Kasumi does not come back the next day to school. What happened to her? Did she try a mirror?

You as her friend decide to go after it and while researching you are wrapped up in a mystical and melancholic storyline in the world between life and death.

What is in the mirror?

It took me about 3 hours to pass through part I and II and I enjoyed it. It is not too hard for unexperienced gamers like me and I love the story. The HUD allows to come back anythime and to go back to the place where you stopped.

Don't forget to donate and to check the nice mall to buy something. Events like this should be supported!

Open until August 31st!

More about Kagami: http://kagami2014.wix.com/secondlife

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hakoniwa/151/127/22


mako said...

Hello there ^^ thank you for such lovely post about Kagami event,
I am wondering if you know how to go to phase 1 to number two?
Ive got the jar oil and the 3 spirits and ive been stuck 2 hours without knowing how to fry them! i keep clicking the fry pan but nothing happens :'( any help? thank you soo much!

Lucy said...

Oh, I stuck there too. What do you need to stir fry? The woman with the long neck might help you out :)