The {Lost} Garden Of Sundarya Lahari - Chapter One

Xineohp Guisse creates in his LEA sim a constantly growing narrative installation. The first part is opening now.

The build is about  a botanical species; a kind of reed that was capable of resonating a sound frequency when touched. The Ancients harvested these reeds and created a meditative and spiritual garden.

Quite by accident, the Ancients also discovered a symbiotic creature to the reeds; which they named the Pentapuss. The Pentapuss has the same form and biological structure as the reeds, and fed off the soundwaves made by the reeds. In doing so, their movements amongst the reeds nurtured the growth of the reeds to maturity.

While exploring the installation the visitors find the reed and can create sounds by walking through and there is more to explore. The sounds are created in pentatonic scale, the scale of nature sounds which gives the build a mystical atmosphere. This is Chapter One of 5. Each month Xineohp Guisse will add another chapter and release a new book as visitors gift.

Opening tomorrow, Saturday, February 8th at 12 PM SLT.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA13/127/82/29

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