Sneak Preview: The Singularity of Kumiko

This weekend I had the chance for a preview on Bryn Oh's latest installation and as usually it was not done in a couple of minutes.While I was there I had an IM with a friend who wrote about Bryn: "I wish she was a sunnier type of person. lol" I don't know how sunny Bryn is, but her works always have a huge portion of darkness and melancholy. And you can take darkness literally this time. Before you enter the build you have to change your viewer settings. Bryn Oh recommends to use Firestorm, my favourite viewer too, but provides also information for the LL Viewer and Singularity. I had to follow instructions on 2 notecards. The windlight has to be changed to absolutely dark (Phototools - no light), advanced light model and shadows has to be enabled. Thanks to Phototools it was easily done and I saw that both run well with graphics on medium, that I still could move ok. The last step is to grab and wear a headlamp. Like a coalminer you are ready to enter the tunnel.....and to face the first challenge.

I think I already admitted that I am not a gamer and fast annoyed facing obstacles. If you are the same I give you a first hint how to get in: It sometimes helps to express your wishes that you get them fulfilled ;)

The highlights of group travels in my youth often has been a night hike in the dark woods. And even in a group I was scared. The same feeling I had entering the work but I was alooone! The light settings helped me to move on. To follow the story you have to click microphones to get the story told or to click a message in a bottle to get the same text as texture and at the same time in local chat. That is a very good idea because it helps non English visitors to use a translator.

Just at the beginning you see that the story is about a person which got obviously lost after an accident. While I felt last year with the predecessor  of this work "Imogen" that I had to guide the readers through the huge installation not to get them too fast giving up, I think this time the goal is obvious. You will follow the storyline and find out the singularity of Kumiko. Be careful! Not every pet is as nice as cute! But the work is not only a story. It is a Film Noir with you as the main actor, it is a journey to the own fears and loneliness.

I really admire that Bryn Oh always explores the technical possibilities to get the visitors into a new and surprising immersion. I like a lot the zooms to see details after click on objects. And the special lightings caused feelings from being scared to playful enchanting. If you don't believe me just change the WL and see what happens.

Here the promo video taken by Bryn Oh:

For full experience make sure to follow the Windlight settings, to take off ALL body lights and bright items and to have sound enabled.

More in Bryn Oh's blog: http://brynoh.blogspot.de/

Opening Friday, February 14th. To enhance the experience, the number of avatars is strictly limited.

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