Sneak Preview: The Visitors

Cica Ghost has the gift to make the visitors of her installations smile. Same with the latest work that opens tomorrow: The Visitors. Don't we all know that? We planned to explore a city and once we arrived it rains- The tourists in Lost Town have best service. They get umbrellas provided at the landing spot. Walking around you meet Cica's cute friends with their umbrellas.

From the invitation: Under pouring rain, arriving in the city the Cica Ghost Visitors , with their colorful energy, and open the windows of the Lost Town La Città Perduta on the sensitive and poetic vision of their creator.

Finally I could use my cute Meowbrella made by Boudoir! my new friend looks jealous ;)

But as cute as they are, visiting a city in rain is not the same fun. Bad clothes, wet clothes and feet... In Second Life that is replace by awful lag caused by the rain. At least I had it today while visiting. Sim owner Sivi Kilberry is working on it and can hopefully fix. But you should bring some patience for the visit.

P.S.: AKILAE Gant sent me a note today that the lag monster has been killed. I checked and yes, I could move. Looking forward to a great opening!

Opening Friday , February 7 at 1.00 PM SLT feat. DJ Violette Oakleaf

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Land%20of%20Glory/107/164/27

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