Futurewave and Futurebuilds

Taken with old viewer

I know why I rarely blog fashion. Getting the look, finding the pieces you imagine plus make up, skins, accessory, face and body lights, poses and the perfect location is a huge work. How easy is it to blog art insteadt! You take some nice pics, find a few more or less smart words and you are done.

See the bumps on the pumpkin

But some events like Futurewave are so interesting that I cannot resist. And when I unpacked and checked a zillion blogger bags and tried to get some looks together I had the idea inspired by Bryn Oh's Kumiko to build a projector for the photos. It is not that simple as I thought, but luckily Elke Wylie helped me. You see the results here.

Elke recently filmed a walkthrough at one of the rare builds in SL which already use widely items with materials enabled and she said "Isn't it sad that so many users are not aware of the endless possibilities in Second Life and never use them?" She is right and I decided to visit the place and to use it for my second Futurewave post.

I used the Firestorm-Betax64 4.5.1. which is materials enabled. Since my graphic card is quite simple and cannot eat too much data I had the settings on Mid/High with advanced Lighting Model and shadows. The first image on top is taken with old viewer. All images are NOT edited and the WL settings are not changed. I think the results are quite amazing.

DRD centipede XS bw at Futurewave

The caterpillar sucking the spine fascinated me. I recently saw a science fiction series in TV where extraterrestrials this way took humans over and used their bodies as their own. It took me ages to find a dress that goes with the beast.

For Futurewave: Necklace Spyralle Wearable Comm Hub Model rrl8b, Skin [PF] Sora <Alabaster> - Rust
Others: .:SS:. BLACK WHITE STRIPED SPIKED MINI, Headpiece . a i s l i n g. Cour des Cauchemars Crown  for Genre

For Futurewave: Boots DRD post apoc nerd stompers coal, , Pose: {NanTra}

If you don't use a materials enabled viewer it is still a great build. To see the full effect have a look at this walkthrough by Elke Wylie:

The shop owner and builder of Srs corp. Kelkith Kiezelstein is to me one of the very creative and innovative designers in Second Life. Do you remember the North Pole sims Wolfenstein + Leviathan? Kelkith was the builder! Back in 2011 I made some travel tips with a German SL TV broadcast and those sims where in the first issue, starting from 2.20 min:

On closer look you see that some features are the same as here in the new shop. I am no weapon and war fan at all. But looks as if even in SL some of the best are working in those industries.

Taxi to Srs corp.: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Capella/28/41/3801
Taxi to Futurewave: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/127/131/967

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