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Moya in his Tourist Office for Moya Land in Second Life at Arte Genova

I think there is no second artist in Second Life who has a constant intense mutual inspiration between his work in Real Life and Second Life like Moya. And I think too maybe besides Peter Greenaway Saskia Boddeke (Rose Borchovski in SL) there is no other famous artist who is supporting Second Life that much in real life. Please correct me if I am wrong. I would be glad to hear and to blog about more examples.

Moya avatar as real life toy

Patrick Moya (Moya Janus in SL) is a French artist who is mainly painting and creating ceramic sculptures. He created a whole Moya World filled with cute and funny comic-alike characters. Everything can be a canvas for his world. He designed toys, clothes, cars, buses... Se here a link.

Moreover Moya is a pioneer of video art. Maybe that is the reason why he found to Second Life. His Moya-Land on 4 sims brought his characters like Dolly, the sheep to life. But the virtual world influences back to RL too. Here a ceramic sculpture of his virtual Moya Land:

Moya is a really busy artist and he has no time to communicate his projects in SL as is should be. Last Tuesday he send me a TP just a couple of minutes before the weekly Bollywood Party at Shekhawati started. So I just had time to have a look for a moment and regretted that I did not took notice of this before. But let me start from the beginning. Moya took part of the art exhibition  Arte Genova with a Tourist Office of his Moya Land in Second Life. How cool is that??? See here a video taken by Florence Canarelli:

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moya%20Land/101/49/23

Moya with a 3D print of the rebels in Moya Land SL

Rebels territory in Moya Land. I f you are against the dictatorship of an artist visit them in the mountains ;)

And as so as often, he presented machinima taken in SL and  rebuilt the exhibition in Second Life. It closed last Wednesday, but in Moya Land it is still up:

Of course he could not build and show all in the short period of time, but you can see quite a few remarkable works here:

Moya has been exhibiting until January in Korea too. If you could not make it to visit, you can do in Second Life:

Second Life rebuild of the Moya exhibition in Korea

Taxi to the Korea exhibition: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moya/119/97/22

Moya Land is huge and much fun to explore. If you think Moya can only Comic, have a closer look at the works. And how many artists do you know who got the chance to paint the murals in a catholic chapel? Moya is one of the few:

Second Life rebuild of the Chapel with Moya murals near Nice

Taxi to Chapel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moya/199/53/45

Patrick Moya is back from Genova now and it is already Carnival in Nice. As every year, he decorated the virtual carnival area according to the motto and filmed in Second Life. Every year, his SL machinima of the virtual carnival are shown on large screens in Nice. Here a real life video:

Carnaval de Nice 2014 in SL

While I am writing this, Moya invites me to watch the RL Stream of the Nice parade today in SL:

Taxi to Carnaval de Nice: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moya/91/129/344

Moya told me that at this place will be a life concert at Wednesday 26th: Yip Jannings is perfroming at 1 PM SLT.

Moya official website: http://www.moyapatrick.com/
Moya blog: http://patrickmoya.blogspot.com/
Moya in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moya.patrick
Group "Patrick Moya News" in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/47228332725/

PS.: Finshing this post I just see that Jo Yardley wrote yesterday about celebrities in SL. Maybe it is due to the fact that Moya's English is not the best and communication is always a bit challenging that he gets not the deserved appreciation in Second Life. And maybe this post helps to change that a bit.

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