Sneak Preview: The Scribbled Cliffs

Scottius Polke: "Follow the yellow brick road to the emerald isle, don't follow the white rabbit, but rather the brown otter ;)"

I was more than  happy to follow the brown otter for a sneak preview to his latest work 'The Scribbled Cliffs'. It is much to long that SL had to wait for a new installation of him. Split Screen hosts this round just one artist, "my split personality" as Scottius said :)

"This was my place of relaxation on a private sim. When I first made it having music on helps with the relaxation. A place of butterflies, cliffs and tubs...naturally." He created the work earlier as a try but he felt it was time to share it now. Just a handful friends has seen it. With some adjustments it fits great at Split Screen. After I followed the brown otter we reached the emerald isle at the center of the build which is actually a Vesuvius  It spits flying tubs. The visitor can click a blue tub and rez one to fly with. It was a relaxing fun to fly around. The visitor can grab the tub to fling it. If you don't understand what this means like me, it means that you can grab and hold the tub with left mouse and move it.

The scripts has been written by Desdemona Enfield. The build was created with the online  drawing program called ScribblerToo, that creates unique looking illustrations.

Opening: Sunday April 7th, 1 pm SLT. Open all April.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beleza/21/220/27

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