Fantasy Faire: Boudoir

Especially in Second Life, clothing is more than just covering the avatar. Those creators who think out of the box make outfits come true, we could not imagine even in our wildest dreams. Precious Restless and Vitabela Dubrovna, creators of Boudoir have a borderless fantasy and I love all my outfits I got from there. As posted here, Boudoir had recently RL/SL event for their real life collection RL Boudoir exist already 10 years as the most famous croatian fashion brand. Let us wish them even more success. RL needs dreams and fairytales! Find more about Boudoir in their wonderful blog.

 The new outfit Earth, part of the 'Four Elements' collection inspired me to this photo:

Where is the Spring?

It still not really warm here and I think everyone is waiting for it. The picture is taken on the beautiful, winterly sim Evensong Woods at the Fantasy Faire, where you find the Boudoir shop. Go and have a look!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evensong%20Woods/128/84/68

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