Fantasy Faire: Garden of Dreams

When I wrote in my first post about the Fantasy Faire that it is about dreams we have or maybe already forgot, I could not know that a personal dream so fast would come true. I was lucky enough to be assigned as blogger for Garden of Dreams and my heart did a jump when Kayle Matzerath sent me the RFL items.

A library like this is still one of my lifetime dreams. It was part of the Dominion Game. I spent hours there to solve the puzzle and felt so good in the greatly textured structure. The library comes as Dreamscene or mod. Rezzer fully furnished, with fully animated bookshelves, seats, fireplace, book and writing feather as attachments and baked shadows which makes it really looking real. It has a footprint of 40x40m and 423 prims.

In case you don't know the GOD sim, go and check it out. It is wonderful to have a walk there and to be inspired for the own house and garden.

The second RFL item I loved too. The steampunky airship is highly detailed but has only 32 prims. Many parts are moving and the engines are producing beautiful steam. And is is really easy to navigate. Just sit on it and use the arrow keys.

Do you see my cool outfit? GOD shares the shop at Fantasy Faire with Unsung. My vest and chaps are the RFL items of Unsung.

Go and see the Unsung sim. Join the group and you can rez and ride the airship.

Taxi to Unsung: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stronghold/122/113/2104
Taxi to GOD: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Garden%20of%20dreams/127/36/93

The LM of the Fantasy Faire will be added as soon as it is open!