Exhibition Hopping: Solitude and Fears

"Reflections on Water' by Harbor Galaxy

Aspects of Solitude: Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy

"The lonely Girl in the Red Sweater"  by  Amona Savira

 Form the note card:
 "The images are about . . . .
           ”My face in the bathroom mirror
           has white streaks down it.
           I rinse the face and return to bed.
          Tomorrow I am going to visit my mother. ”
                               (from The Glass Essay by Anna Carson)

Just that, to look in the bathroom mirror, seeing herself and only her, no one else there, from a sleepless night and a numb body. The hard light hits her face, head full of dreams and memories.

Solitude – the good and bad of it.

Of course there is a liberating feeling of being by herself, but now she was leaning towards the negative.
More like lived life, like feeling lonely either in the midst of a crowd or by choice.
All the lonely nights, waiting for nobody…in solitude."

"Solitary Girl" by Habor Galaxy
I loved the powerful coloring of the works. It touched me.

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Wall of Fear

We all have fears in in life (at least those who are not completely dump). So many things can happen. But how do we deal with them? Isn't that the key to success in life? The  "Wall of Fear" gives interesting insights.

Go and face your fears!
More about the installation here.

Opening today, Monday 22nd at 10 AM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA19/15/19/21

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