THE GAME: Global Domination

Second Life provides many games, especially hunts. Usually it is always about finding an item and if you know what to look for, even a trained monkey can pass the game. Then there are games where skills are needed, like fast fast mouse moving, shooting or building. Nothing for people who prefer to use their brain instead of fast reactions.

Going to swim or looking for something?
The Global Domination is a puzzle that requires different skills at any destination. You have first to find out what to do. You need to see what could  belong to the game, you need sometimes to collect items or bring items, you need to answer questions. All is possible. I was happy to know without Google, how Morrocan's relax, but with the Mexican holidays I would have been lost. Often you get teleports to especially built locations, where you again have to find out what to do. To make it short, the game is a dream for all who love to explore.

What to do here?
It made me curious, that all 16 participating vendors are really big names in SL. And 300 Linden before game start and now 400 are unusual high for he needed game HUD.  But the gamers get already different gifts when they buy the HUD, depending on the shop they choose to buy.

Knowledge about literature is helpful

Find all details here: http://hottiecooterati.com/events/global-domination-2012-2/

Choose your purchase gift here: http://hottiecooterati.com/global-domination-passports/

Go to the shop, buy a HUD and start!
The huge amount of work alone for the puzzle destinations is well worth the Linden!

Global Dominion is the perfect entertainment for all, who want to use their brain and are usually fast bored in games. Of course some time is needed too and so I am very sorry, that is all for today ;)
I need to go travelling around the world...

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