Coded Movie Factory

f you cannot imagine what could be hidden behind the title of the installation - welcome to the club. I talked to the builder. Let me explain: Ataro Asbrink built a sim with an industrial / phantasy setting in red and black. You can walk around and explore. Try to sit on objects an click ESC. The objects might take the camera control and show you different views of the sim.

The new and special feature is in the signs boards at the landing spot. Each one of them provides a different HUD on click. Wear and click the HUD and follow the instructions. The camera shows you a scripted movie in 3D. Ataro told me that the HUD causes less lag than scripted prims and that this way a larger amount of avatars can watch the "movies" at the same time. That is smart, beautiful and absolutely worth a look!

Make sure to have draw distance at least on 128m, particles enabled and sun position on Midnight.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA2/90/102/21

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