Opening Today: ART DECO

Many know Melusina Parkin as a photographer with a unique style of simplifying and clarity. Less know that she creates already for years Art Deco furniture as owner of Melu Deco. Art India Gallery took the chance to combine her passion for the era with photography. The result is 'ART DECO'.

She created a spacious environment in Art Deco style for her latest photo exhibition. Unlike other exhibitions the interior is part of the installation and available too. The furniture are her latest releases in low prim mesh. To complete the show, information boards about the different styles of Art Deco around the world and other interesting facts will be placed in a skybox:

The boards give an overview over the history of Art Deco. Plus you get note cards with and article written by Melusina Parkin and landmarks to interesting Art Deco places in Second Life. Find the TP at the landing spot in the exhibition.

If you want to know more about the creator and artists Melusina Parkin, please read the great blog post by Inara Pey.

Her cool Art Deco Lounge will host some events, as a fashion show by Sonatta Morales, talks about this special era and Flapper parties.

OPENING will be today, Saturday at 2 PM SLT with a Flapper Party.

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