Starts Today: LEA Arts Festival

The last month of the 3rd round of LEA grants has begun and this will be celebrated with many events during this month.

Have you already visited all 20 sims? This month is the last chance before they are gone! Many of them has been blogged by me, but looking through the sim list, I saw that still some are missing for me. So come and enjoy the boundless creativity of art in Second Life!

Kick off is tomorrow, Saturday 2nd with the following schedule:

9:45 AM
Introduction, LEA4
10:00 AM
Award winning artist BRYN OH gives a talk, On Challenging The Viewer, with time for questions & answers, LEA4
11:00 AM
Machinima Screenings of LEA exhibits hosted by LaPiscean Liberty, LEA4
Ian Upton, artist and technologist interviewed by Rowan Derryth
CEC Productions presents a new exciting Virtual Band Show: Leningrad Cowboys!LEA4

For the events all month, please follow the Festival Blog.

Taxi to Central Landing Spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA3/27/81/21

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Anonymous said...

Start tomorrow??? I did the official opening sharp just at 0.00 on the 2th of february. I hate blogs when they are so far behind the real news.