Sneak Preview: Rotkäppchen und der Wolf - Adult

Sorry, I could not resist. When one of the most famous fairytales in Germany is subject of an installation, I had to use the German title. Actually the roots of the fairytale can be found in several European countries and it is not clear since when the lore has been told. It could be one of the oldest stories in Europe at all.  But as far as I know it has been the French Version which has been written down first ever under he title "Le Chaperon Rouge" in 1697.

It is the story of a young girl on the threshold at the adulthood which becomes victim of a beast. Of course it was told with a moral background and of course it is only to been seen between the lines, as it was impossible to write it clearly down at that time. The German version by the Brothers Grimm from 1790 has a good ending, different from the French version.

The titleof the installation "LRRH" is referring to the English title: Litte Red Riding Hood. It was really time to show the adult version. Alpha Auer, Cherry Manga and Soror Nishi did an excellent job under the curation of the storyteller Mimesis Monday. Now and then she will be telling in the installations. It should be posted in Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/207963129342229/?fref=ts

Mimesis (Heidi Dahlsveen RL) wrote in the invitation: "She was born among farmers and raised in the Sun King’s chamber. She survived the brutality of the Baroque and Victorian times puritanism. Romanticism modified her into a cute little child and since then she has remained in the childhood."

This wonderful avatar, created by Alpha Auer, is visitors gift
See the little girl growing mature!

Opening tomorrow,Sunday, February 17th, 12 PM SLT and runs until 15th of April.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Companion/114/6/341


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