Today at Ce Soir: Sartre's NO EXIT

Wow, just got the invitation. This was always one of my favorite peaces. It is about the devils circle of longing and rejection:

"We are pleased to present the existential drama NO EXIT by French playwright Jean Paul Sartre. Portrayed by semi-professional actors, this one-act play is a depiction of the afterlife in which three deceased characters are punished by being locked into a room together for eternity in hell. 

The play is presented in VOICE and there is no fee. All tips received via the Donation Urn (at the door) for the performance will be shared equally amongst the actors and the venue. Of course, if you would like to tip a particular actor, you may do so by tapping them (gently, please!) on the head during – or preferably – right after the performance.

Our players (in order of appearance) are Valet: Aeon Woodford / Garcin: B. Hemi / Inez: Terrylynn Melody / Estelle: Mireille Jenvieve"


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DrFran said...

Quan, any idea if this is going to happen again? I would love to see it. Thanks.