Gallery Hopping

Much happens currently and here are some exhibitions which should not be missed:

Systems of Existence

The Turing Gallery exhibits work that is futuristic + conceptual in nature:  "We adhere to the Extropian philosophy of creating an environment of near future and science fiction ideals. Themes include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, The Singularity, Transhumanism, Technology, Space, and all things that emphasize a more complete future through advancements in technology." The location looks cool and futuristic, but unfortunately it is not visitor friendly. It was fun to see all the visitors stumbling around.

Gracie Kendal curated an exhibition with works by Alan Dojoji/Alan Sondheim, Fau Ferdinand/Yael Gilks, Formatting Heliosense/Patrick Millard, Jo Ellsmere with Philos Kidd, Qiezli hixantapo/Jeremy Owen Turner with Michael Nixon, Selavy Oh and Xisuthra Lomu/Erik Rzepka.

I especially liked the 3 male and female bots by Jo Ellsmere/Philos Kidd.. I could watch for hours how they are 3 different personalities and grow together to one from time to time.

Fau Ferdiand / Yael Gilks are presenting this video:

Selavy Oh created bot which are constantly chatting. If you sit on the 3rd chair you take part of it.

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Extropia%20Core/203/128/25

The jeans I am wearing is a new creation by Trill Zapatero for the upcoming BoHo Culture Fair which opens tomorrow. Leather jacket and shirt are from her BoHo HoBo collection too.

Dancing with the Shadows

 Louly Loon and SunSkySea Contantine created this beautiful installation in cooperation. Make sure to have sound on. The chantings are giving the work a spiritual feeling.

Louly about the work: "Collaborating with Sun was a real fantastic experience. How can I express how complementary we was? I meat sun during my rambles in sl... She show me her work, video films and shoots. I was impressed by it. I was also impressed by the way she use her avatar as a creative support. I'm fascinate by Japanese culture, since so many time!  Sun embodies Japanese culture, and with who a friendship was possible! and such kind person! "Dance with shadow" is our collaboration work. We found the topic together, and work in a totaly complementary way. It's the first exhibit for Sun here in sl. I hope it's not the last. She is shy about her talent, please help me to ask her that she is really good!"

I only can agree!

Open until October 29.
Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magna%20Carta/221/55/501

Dancing with the Poppies

Nexuno Thespian a scene with dancing poppies. The visitors (at least the female) can take part by wearing the 'poppies energy outfit' created by him. The outfit is a gift given at the landing spot.

Opening today at 1.30 PM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Solaris%20Island/24/129/1701

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