Art of Protest - New Entry!

It might be quite unusual but I accepted yesterday another entry for the contest. It is:

Perception, projection, reflection by Gracie Kendal

The reason is very easy, I was begging Gracie a bit to get some kind of reflection on an action, she did in RL this Summer. She shaved her hair in front of audience as a protest against beauty dictates. Read about it here:  http://irez.me/2012/07/19/the-bald-and-the-beautiful-2/.

I must confess that I was deeply impressed by this brave performance. It is much easier to complain than to act. But acting is needed if we really want to change something. I will go deeper into this in a future post. Due to RL constraints, Gracie could not make it earlier and I am really glad that she finally put the work together for the exhibition. She wrote about this work here: http://irez.me/2012/10/06/perception-projection-reflection/

Come, see and vote!

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