The Weaver Project + Reopening of Nordan Art

It was almost at the same time that I was requested by AVENUE to write an Art Feature about William Weaver and accepted the position as curator at Art India Gallery. William was new to me and I was immediately flashed by the quality of his photos in a style which I had not seen so far in art photography here in Second Life. So it was only natural for me to ask him for an exhibition. But he only accepted with a precondition: He wanted to do the build too. So I had the uncomfortable job to request for my first exhibition slightly more prims than expected. (2.000 to 4000, William was not sure) ;)

Veekay Navarathna, owner of Shekhawati sim and Art India Gallery is a real supporter of art. He did not waist time with long discussions and started to wipe out prims to make the project possible. It was fun to watch William building the next days. If I remember right there has been only 2 weeks time until opening. He worked day and night with passion and created the wonderful 'build 010'. I popped in day by day watching the prim count like a seeguard expecting the high tide. See his video taken in the build 010 here:

The exhibition found much attention. If you wonder about the name of the work: It was simply William's 10th build. During the exhibition he made is previous builds accessible for everyone as Freebies at the Marketplace. And this brought photographer and gallerist Anita Witt to a great idea: She provides the Weaver builds in her gallery and collects and presents photos taken in the builds.The collection has already more than 100 photos.

AVENUE today released Dream Weaver, a supplement about Weaver's Phototools,  which is a great help for photographers in Second Life.  Don't miss the interesting article by Cajsa Lillehook with much information about the tool. I contributed an article about the Weaver Project. Read about William's influence in the photographers scene:


Do not miss the Weaver Project at Anita Witt's Artspace. See the more than 100 contributed works, see the builds and take your own photos. Anita has still space for yours...

The Weaver Project by Anita Witt
 Taxi to the Weaver Project:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mado/199/87/1226

And good to hear that William continues building too. FloraNordenskiold announced recently in her blog the reopening of Nordan Art next month. This is good news because after the closure of Crossworlds and Pirats there is really a lack of large galleries. I was not surprised that Flora as chosen William as builder for the gallery. She always proved her taste and sense for art. And if you are curious how the future Nordan Art Gallery will be, have a look in the Dream Weaver supplement...

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