Loud and Wild

When I was writing about Cica that it was the the first opening at the new LEA round I was wrong. JJccc Coronet has been faster and after being corrected I visited the place.

Some parts of the build I recognized. JJccc has been working at for many months at the LEA sandbox. The installation is full of structures and patterns, almost overwhelming. JJccc obviously has much fun building and countless cool ideas. One can spend hours here and always finding something new.

See the great photos taken by Wizardoz Chrome.

But what I do miss is the red line, the idea behind, the message... Can just showing all what the builder came in mind be enough for a full sim art installation? Even if it took him months to assemble it?

I think not!

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA17/128/128/2

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