The Drax Files: Meshworxs

All photos taken by Draxtor Despres

The new Drax Files has been released with Loz Hyde. This episode is special to me for 2 reasons: The first one is that I never could imagine before that a 3D content creator for famous movies in real life could be that amazed by the possibilities in Second Life as everyone else of us. But he explains how he loves to create a whole environment. Even if you don't know his brand Meshworxs, for sure you already have seen one of his structures in SL, for example the famous Arcade pier.

And Loz Hyde is talking about another important observation. It is the amazing fact that we get to know others closer and more intimate as we would be able in real life. Obviously the protected environment of a virtual world helps to open up and to come straight to the "important things" as Loz is expressing.

Having in mind that these days two couples amongst my friends are marrying in RL who met first in Second Life first it has a special meaning to me. Just recently I saw a TV documentary about research of what keeps couples staying together. They said that all happy couples found each other optically attractive at the beginning and this attraction stays obviously over the years as if we are not growing older. The memory is still there. Maybe it does not matter if the attraction started "real" or virtual.

Too sad that this real feeling in Second Life cannot just been told others, one has to experience. We all know how it is to talk about is. People stare at us as if we suffer serious madness or have at least a screw loose. If  someone had a good idea how to communicate this to the public, SL would be flooded. Thank you Loz for pointing this out!

Taxi to Meshworx: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fresco/10/120/31

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