Giovanna Cerise is an artist that never is easy to cover in a blog post, because she is damn smart and has a hude knowledge. Her art tingles the mind and she is always exploing new techniques of building. her art looks always detailed, fresh and different.

The enchantress Circe turned men to pigs, She fell in love with Odysseus and he stayed a whole year.

I know artists who works just after their feelings and leave the interpretations to the audience. This can be interesting, because art like this can express subconcious moods which may move the audience.

The Sirens sing so beautiful that they drive sailors mad and let them wreck their ships. Odysseus wanted to hear it and let his friends, who had wax in teh ears, fixed him at the mast. 

This is not the kind of works that Giovanna does. She invests a lot of thoughts before she starts building..Today opened "Il Folle Volo" (The Mad Flight). The installation is referring to the Odyssey, an ancient greek saga about the many years lasting travel of a man calles Odysseus back home after a long war he took part. Osyyseus was one of the heroes of my youth and I know hos adeventures in ans out. If you don't know them, you should read Giovannas notecard. The Odyssey inspired artists century after century.

The Mad Flight after Dante's Inferno. He was right seeing Odysseus as an eternal adventurer. 

It was interesting for me to see all the red lines at the works, symbolizing the forces that hold a person in place and which makes it hard to break out. To me Odysseus where always a symbol of freedom, he saw so many interesting places, but sure, he had no others choice besides making the best of it. And isn't that what life is about? I had the impression that Odysseus did. He was not really in hurry to get back home. I guess I should read the Odyssey again.

Not to be missed!

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