ART IN HATS Contest Winners

ART IN HATS 2014  was an overwhelming success. A big thank you to Chloe Seljan, owner of this sim, who invited me and supported ART IN HATS with so many things. And thanks to Emma Portilo who organized the charity auction and 2 fashion shows. Especially the last one was one of the best I ever saw in second Life.

ART IN HATS displays 99 hats and related photos, but also13 one of a kind pieces for the Charity auction and 19 hats for 10 Linden, 14 freebies and not to forget the free contest hat.

The contest hat was a simple bowler, which had to be decorated and to taken a photo with it. 22 Visitors contributed their works with an amazing creativity.Thank you to all who took part!

The winners has been found by public voting and by a judges panel of the organizers and the prize contributors. The votes has been on very different works as really a lot where great, but we fornd 3 clear winners at the end.

1st Prize: Mr. and Ms. Hat by DanyLajolie

2nd Prize: Nature by ClaireDiLuna Chevalier

3rd prize: bowler bhat by Gardenia Malheur


Congrats to all our winners!

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