Amazed in Space

If there is a kind of art in Second Life that amazes me most, it is particle art. There is only a handful of artists who do shows and one of them is Kikiri Tuqiri. She did an amazing show at my wedding in the Lefevre Mansion. If you missed it, see photos and machinima in this post: The Wedding

Last Sunday Kikiri presented her latest show "Kikiri's Adventures in SPACE".

Kikiri plays with many different settings from emotional and touching to funny. The scenes are designed to match the chosen songs which are all related to the theme and are ending with them.

The result is an entertaining show which got a lot appreciation and applause from the huge audience.

I really recommend to join one her shows, especially when you never have seen a particle show. To be updated about show times you may send an IM to Kikiri Tuqiri and she will be happy to add you and to send note cards with invitations. Or you bookmark her schedule website.

Kikiri's Schedule online: http://kikiart.homestead.com/index.html

Next show:
Kikiri's Adventures in SPACE August 31st. at 5:PM SLT

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Key%20West%20Island/132/103/3001

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