Travelogue 10th Edition

   "People generally quarrel just because they can not discuss."

This Quote of G.K .Chesterton came in my mind regarding some reactions on my last travelogue. It was clear to me that not everyone would be enthusiastic about the subject tarot and psychich readings. But it has amazed me that many do not even want to discuss the topic, one even muted me :) Only a good talk broaden our horizon.  In my life I seek to contact to people with different meanings.  Only from them we learn! And if it only helps one to find better arguments for our own opinion.

I was even accused, I would support those who take capital from the misfortune of others  My experience is that all consultants which are working for years are driven by a strong wish to help. But they have to ensure that the energy runs in both directions if the advice shall do any good,. What costs nothing, has no value to the recipient. And that does not has to be money. I have offset the cost by rendering  a small service or cook a nice meal. My friend Zeedee Bellic commented: ."Service industry:  Car accident...drs and nurses get paid as well as the persons who fix the car.  Psychologists/social workers do their work because others have problems.  (and get paid)  Ministers lead their congregations and give religious counciling.  Lawyers are paid because people want to be represented. Computer people help others understand their computers,  sadly people want (from us) as you say something for nothing" There is nothing to add. Especially in Second Life many people expect to get all for nothing. A problem that I mentioned already several times, because I think it is a huge disrespect against the efforts, ideas and time of others.

My topic today is less controversial. I do not know if it's up to global warming, but more and more sims in Second Life are under water. So I spent for you a little time splashing around in the water before it is too autumnal.

The Firestorm Mesh Beta is out and I love it. Phoenix added many functions I liked in my Phoenix viewer and I am getting fast used to it. I am especially happy that even the fast change button for windlight is back. Very convenient for all photographers. And these super sexy mesh boots are the ultimate reason to change the viewer:

Have fun!

Your Quan

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