Saucy Opening Today

Maya Paris did it to get her LEA sim ready and invited me to have a look...

Guess, you come to Second Life after a busy day and land on a spot where the telephone is ringing. Relaxing, isn't it? And the question is, which one? So, you have no choice to go and try. And immediately you are wrapped up in a strane adventure to test your "Sauce Factor". As usually with Maya's builds with funny animations and loads of crazy gifts.

Maya writes:
"Fancy a bit of Seaside Sauce?

Slap on your wig and flash those knobbly knees because this time it’s personal. 

Test your Sauce Factor, try your luck at the Modern Love Bureau, get sparky in the Saucy Science lab and take a headlong dive into a sea of plenty more fish&chips.

(Bring your own hair or teeth...and a friend)

“It’s like sucking real life through a straw” Fishslappers Gazette.

Open all hours, come whenever you like.

TIPS: Keep clicking and don't stop until you land in the water.....and if it comes after you, run at it until it explodes"

I should add that Maya recommends for full fun to explore together with friends. You will see why.

I have the Sauce Factor! What about you?
Not to be missed!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA25/38/176/1801

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