Opening Today: Ghost Castle

Today is opening a new installation by Fuschia Nightfire and I went to the "Ghost Castle" for a preview. As usually I started with the exploration of the interactive installation. Given note cards I always read later. I found a ruined castle with high walls building up as soon as I came later and I had visions about  all the restrictions and hindrances in life.

As Fuschia was around when I asked here about the work and it turned out that my way of seeing the work was totally different from what the artist intended. But read for yourself:

Quan Lavender: Does it has a reason that the walls build up but are phantom?

Fuschia Nightfire: You would not be able to move through them if they weren't. At first i made them non phantom, and i couldn't get up to the top of the castle. I tried a few different ways, but then i remembered something Cherry Manga once told me, make everything phantom unless you need to stand on it.

Quan Lavender: It has a different message this way. The installation says that many obstacles are just in the own mind and do not come from outside, which is true too.

Fuschia Nightfire: Interesting! All the obstacles that are phantom, don't actually exist. I quite like that.

Quan Lavender: If you go further you are exactly at Buddhist thinking. All things in life are coming from the own mind, but knowing that does not help to change it.

Fuschia Nightfire: That is very true. It's always interesting when people get different meanings from the work. My idea was more to do with me trying to learn how to make mesh using Blender. I needed an exercise and  it was inspired by a ruined castle near to where I live. I was working at a model village where they had built a version of the castle how it used to look and at one place in the model village, you can see the model, with the ruin directly behind it, in the distance, and from that view point they both look the same size and i thought it would be great to build the original castle on top of the ruin. That is why i made this avatar reactive, so the ruin is how the building looks now in RL, the walls that appear are from the distance past, centuries ago.

Quan Lavender: That is really amusing. Your approach is so practical and what I got was totally philosophical.

Fuschia Nightfire: I should get you to write my statement's yours is far more arty.

Corfe Castle in RL

For more information about Corfe Castle and the model village:

Opening today at 1,30 PM SLT!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ITALIAN%20SQUARE/159/63/2029

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