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Eupalinos Ugajin invited to a concert of nnoicatz at Moving Islands. Find more at the bottom of this post. The dress code: "All cats welcomed! Bring your fishing gear!" Hmmm, how to become a cat tonight? Coincidently opened yesterday night the first Furry Fair. I asked for a preview because I noticed that artist Patrick Moya has been invited to the show. What else would fit better than his cute animals?

Moya at Furry Fair

The fair has been build by Athora Thoxx and Taylor Flanagan.. It is a cute and playful place filled with loads of cupcakes.Besides many cute avatars and accessory I found lots of freebies.

I wondered why people choose to become a furry in Second Life. Builder Athora Toxx is furry and we had a chat:

Quan Lavender: Cute fair :)  The water looks like chocolate
Athora Toxx: water is from Chloé (Seljan) ^^. She likes chocolat:
Quan Lavender: What is the fun of being a furry? When I was young in SL I was thinking it is like being a pet.
Athora Toxx: For me, is to not search to be a beautiful girl, with a perfect shape and a pretty face, to please boys, for me it is to be ME but differently (funny, savage, free, out of others). We are not pet, it is different. We are not animals, cause we stand up.
Quan Lavender: But furries can have a sex life too, right? So, It's maybe not about avoiding relationships and all that drama ^^
Athora Toxx: Yes, we can, but since 3 years i am furry, i can tell NOW that our sex life is much less active than humans. Furry friends are more about speak, enjoy music, build, etc than drama of real life reproduction.
Quan Lavender: So it is a bit to be a more playful person in SL?
Athora Toxx: Yes, to be IMAGINAIRE. Dunno how to say that in english.
Quan Lavender: I think an English would say: To live the dreams and fantasies.

The Furry Fair is open through March and has a lot of events. Today's events are:

12 PM : Aminius Writer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ_drLIQtow

1 PM : Samm Qendrahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUZp2gSLMig

Find the future events and more in the Furry Fair Blog: http://furryfair.blogspot.be/

Taxi to Furry Fair: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boutou/194/32/34

So you can try how it is to be a cat tonight at the the concert:

nnoicatz is an alter ego of Nnoiz Papp who just released a new CD: Orientopolis

More about nnoitcatz: http://www.nnoicatz.com/
More about Nnoiz Papp: http://www.nnoiz.com/nnoizPapp/homebase.html

Moving Islands updated: "Solar Raft" by Trill Zapatero

Concert Sunday March 2nd at 11 AM SLT
Dresscode: All cats welcomed. Bring your fishing gear!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA20/26/18/48

P.S: I just noticed that you will receive a gift today at Moving Islands. A furry avatar created by artist Alpha Auer. So if you find nothing to wear or just love it like me, grab it!

Furry Avatar by Alpha Auer

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