Out of the Box

To understand the world, children need to categorize everything to get systemized information in the storage of our brain. These categories are guiding us our whole life, which is often a kind of unnecessary self-censorship. In a virtual world many of these categories are not needed, but intended or unintended we carry them into Second Life too. I know that I don't need a house here. My excuse is the huge fun I have decorating a dolls house for my dressing doll Quan :)

But always when I see works of people who are thinking our of the box and visualizing them I am in awe.  I find both in galleries. While virtual walls plastered with freebie textures as gallery often make the poor visitor shuddering by the overkill of bad taste, others think out of the box and know how to do better. Insight Forest is a good example. The purity is breathtaking and an artwork itself.

The exhibiting artists are some really good SL photographers and alone them are worth a visit: Kean Kelly, Rodriguez Munro, Whiskey Monday, Jordan Giant, Citta Wiskee, Amelie Knelstorm, Sare Ethaniel and Annushi plus Maclane Mills and Kamelia Snowfield, who curated the exhibition.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/visionaria/193/148/21

My sweet outfit is one of the many cute gifts of the RMK Bunny Hunt. Idea and design of the hunt is nice but you should know how to do, as greatly explained here in the FabFree blog.

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