More Drama Please!

Recently I saw posts about drama in SL in Slum Magazine and Webspelunker which made me thinking. Of course we all have our obstacles in RL. And of course this is not limited to SL users. Everyone has. Us residents have chosen to use Second Life as our escape. Naturally we want to escape dramas too. My personal escape is especially the admiring of creativity. But it is not only the craftsmanship in it. It is the thoughts, goals, emotions, experiences and passion that I can feel and see in the results. It makes me happy to explore.

I have a friend in RL with Burn Out Depression. She told me from her therapy. Her therapist gave her a list of things that have the potential to give us a moment of enjoyment. Starting with simple acts like having a walk or sitting on a bench at the border of water. The goal was to show her that depressive people often did now allow themselves for years to enjoy these simple things before they became sick. I secretly had to smile when I heard this, because I sit several times a week at the border of my beautiful land in SL to relax and enjoy.

There are others days with dramas in SL or RL, which sit so deep in the heart that my virtual would cannot enhance my mood or makes it even worse. All I do in all worlds I do with love and passion and of course that makes me vulnerable. Squonk Levenque has created a sim for the dark days. The sky is crying so much tears that your tears cannot compete with them. All is grey and blurred. There is no horizon visible.

But life experience teaches us that we sooner or later always come over it. I wear my internal scars with pride because they formed my personality and my lesson of it was to become even more open and passionate with the risk of being hurt. I don't want to waist my short life time with half-hearted actions and tepid people. If someone says you are causing drama and goes away, he simply says that he doesn't care of your feelings. So please stay away all people who don't want drama in SL. If you don't want to give your heart in what you do and in those you interact with, I don't want to waist my time with you.

Taxi: The place is sadly gone.

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