Opening Today: Heartseed "The Wild Side"

" I try to  bring  some creating my  dream time. I'm  not to brilliant with words but  I hope that the sim will speak to the viewer and they can  take  from it  what  it  brings to each person  personally." Saying that Jedda Zevoka let me stroll through her monthly installation at LEA6 which opens today.

Rest underwater with Jedda

I must say her dream are really wild and boundless. At the first glace it looks almost chaotic and the more and more you watch you see nice, cute and funny, but partly also scaring details. But some parts are scared of the visitors too when they come near.

It is not just chaotic. The center part of the piece is a kind of goddess which Jedda calls Juniper. Juniper looks on a biotope of beings at the ground and under water. From her notecard I got that she strongly believes in the healing forces of nature. And indeed, it is an entertaining and relaxing place.

But....I must admit that I hardly can believe in the healing of the visitors gift, the "cranio sacral massaging  alien". I find it more scary but try for yourself!

Opening is today at 2 PM SLT with an impressive live of Techno DJ's. 

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/62/169/22

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