Musiclandia - The Musical Box

When I visited and blogged Musiclandia, I was in awe. Read my post here. But of course I could not resist to show Livio Korobase my collection of music boxes, which grew of course a lot with the charity event at Art India Gallery "MusicBox for Children", where many well known artists contributed wonderful works. In case you missed the event, find my blog posts herehere and here.

Livio loved the music boxes and started to build a platform for the collection and you can find now "The Musical Box" here with 40 works of Alrunia Ahn, Antreas Alter, Betty Tureaud, Bryn Oh, Canolli Capalini, Deja Letov, Eliza Wierwight, Eln Alter, Eshi Otawara, Eupalinos Ugajin, Faust Steamer, fiona Blaylock, Giorgo Nikolaidis, Grey Kurka, Haveit Neox, Igor Ballyhoo, Josiane Sorciere, Kicca Igaly, Linus Humphreys, MarkWD Helendale, Maximilian Merlin, Melusina Parkin, Neuilles Neuman, Pascale Boucher, Pol Jarvinen, Rebeca Bashly, Rose Borchovski/Caer Balogh, Shari Davies, Trill Zapatero and Ub Yifu.

But don't forget to explore the whole sim. There is so much more to see.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA11/44/36/213

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