SL Machinima Won Prizes

Rysan Fall: "I'm very excited and honored to win two separate prizes in the "Project Homeless" film contest in Australia. My film "The Invisible City" won first place in the machinima competition and 3rd place in the mainstream competition. I am proud to be part of this very worthwhile and meaningful film contest."

The machinima is touching and though provoking. Congrats, Rysan!

See here the entries of the other price winners: http://uwainsl.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/rysan-breaks-through-for-machinima.html

Let me add some more news in machinima. Hypathia Pickens created a dark fairytale: "The Tale of  Machaire and Canace"  Written by John Gower, the tale is based upon Canace's farewell letter to her brother Macareus in Ovid's "Heroides", where Canace recounts her plight: she fell in love with her brother and had a child by him. Her brother fled, and her father Æolus, full of wrath when he learned about her pregnancy, ordered her to kill herself and the child to be taken to the woods.

Wizardoz Chrome made a machinima based in 10 stories written in Italian by 10 artists in Second Life about cases found in an asylum. The title means translated "....Like A Travel"

The cases has been owned by people who where hospitalized in the Willard Asylum in New York during the first half of the last century. Many of them never left the asylum until they passed away and the cases has been stored. More in this video:

Asylum suitcase Kickstarter project from Peter Carroll on Vimeo.

Here photos of all cases: http://willardsuitcases.photoshelter.com/gallery-list

To bad that the stories written for SL aren't translated. It is a great project.

The Asylum where Wizardoz filmed er machinima is Linden property and can be visited here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/South%20Channel/169/233/27

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