A Hot Day

You may be aware that I did not blog a lot the last few weeks. Apart from ART IN HATS there was holiday season and some exciting changes in RL but everything is going back to normal now. So, imagine today is one of the few extremely hot days in Germany. Too hot to go out. We closed all doors and windows. As most Germans I have no Air-Con as it is useless for the handful of really hot days here. I am sitting, sweating and thinking this Sunday afternoon is the perfect time for a blog post as I am sooo behind. Besides the hard working fan of the computer the only sound is of one of these awful fat flies that you only hear at these days.

And do you know what? When I arrived at MetaLES to visit RomyNayar's latest installation "El Laberinti Perdito" (The Lost Labyrinth) I exactly heard that fly sound first! A good start to visit a scary place. At the entrance is a warning: "If you decide to delve into the Lost Labyrinth, your deepest fears and defects will take your control . You will live them again and again and again and...again...
No one has gotten out ..."

Now it became dark in RL too and I still found no way out, but stumbled over many small, scary installations with some surprises....The fat fly is not the only nightmare.

My beautiful outfit is creatd by Lyrical Bizarre for "The Month of Games" which I am going to blog tomorrow

Highly recommended! Make sure to hear local sound and to click all.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/245/249/24


Maddy Gynoid said...

Wrong SLURL to MetaLES.

Try this one:

Quan Lavender said...

Thank you Maddy, ich changed. SL sometimes does not copy SURL's properly.