The Loving Son

Children of famous people don't have an easy life. What ever they do is compared with the parents skills. Naturally most of the children don't have a good relationship with their ancestors. Karkassus Jigsaw, Sander Vos in RL, is different. His father Peter Vos is one of the most important European draughtsmen of the last century. Immediately after he passed away in 2010, Kakassus started to build an exhibition in Second Life to pay tribute to his fathers work. Read about it in the NWN post in February 2011.

Father and son in the zoo for drawing exercises 

A RL exhibition in the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam from June to October this year inspired Karkassus to create a Second Life Version of the exhibition with over 100 works. Find all details in my LEA blog post.

Vos loved to draw birds

When Karkassus gave me a tour through the build I was touched and moved. He told me that his father went with him on Sundays to the zoo for drawing exercises. I could feel how grateful he is. I asked myself where is the difference to other parents and I think the key can be found here:

Birthday Card for Sander

This card was a gift to the 17th birthday of his son. The way how he wrote the title is a dutch word play about finding a woman and having sex. He wrote for him:

 "Metamorphosis  for Sander

Metamorphosis  means: strange  alteration which happened to Mr T from D,  was drawn for Sander Vos  on his birthday  January 31st  1984  in his  own metamorphosis to maturity. Everything changes, my love, also people, also you. You will spread your wings  and fly to other areas, float above unexpected landscapes and land in trees you do not yet know. Exciting, isn't it?  Take heart, mind you. Of course, any likeness  with actual  persons  who celebrate their birthday is purely coincidental and I don't want to claim  (the king  of  Daulis  - once changed - turned out to have a sonorous voice, but kept  calling the same three letter word** with it) that you will also become  a one-song too. You have your own, unique metamorphosis.
Lots of love and good wishes  for this  eighteenth year of your life, my big son.

your father

His strong dedication to metamorphoses obviously had to do with Vos' awareness of personal development and growth. And this father seemingly had enough empathy to be aware of his sons developing too.
Lucky son!

Yesitika Coppola took a video in the installation:


Karkassus has so much more stories to tell about the works and his fathers personal development. Don't miss the chance to meet him and talk!

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