Sad News: Cecilia Delacroix Passed Away

One of the great supporters of art in Second Life left us forever. I was not close to Cecilia Delacroix, but she was in my friend list. We met in a gallery at a Sledge Roffo exhibtion.  I appreciated her sweet and calm personality and tireless work at her great Campus d'art. She had great sense and taste for quality art. Alone her Sledge Roffo Collection is unique in SL. I blogged the place in November 2011 when Campus d'Art celebrated its 5th birthday.

My dear friend Melusina Parkin knew her much better than me. Therefore I refer to her excellent blog post: http://justmelusina.blogspot.de/2013/06/cecilia-delacroix-tribute.html

That should convince you to visit Campus d'art NOW and to pay your respect for her huge, impressive  work. You will be missed, Cecilia!

I have no idea how long the place will stay.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schwanson%20Schlegel/59/149/24


Azur Skies said...

Thank you, Quan. I just read the blog you linked to. I have never been to this remarkable campus, but will go today to pay tribute and respect. What an amazing person.

Laura Streeter said...

My little tribute is here