New Year's Resolutions? - Music Box for Children IV

Do you have New Year's resolutions for 2013? Helping others was in the Top Ten 2012. At Art India Gallery you have still time to help Indian Orphans by buying musicboxes created by some of the best artists in Second Life. Come, enjoy the sounds and fulfill one of your resolutions!

I presented many musicboxes in previous posts, here, here and here. These are the last onces:

Rose Borchovski/Caer  Balogh - Music Box Statue

This work is special because Rose Borchovski usually does not sell her work in SL. Rose worked hard and many hours with Scripter Car Balogh to make this little wonder happen. Don't miss to get your copy!
Price: 1.000 Linden

Secret Rage - Breathe, close your eyes, and fly...music  box

beatiful sonds and a flying animation.
Price: 500 Linden

Secret Rage - Over the Rainbow

The Music box plays the wonderful all time classic and a dancing elve cretes rainbows.
Price: 500 Linden

Shari Davies - Spieluhr Mini The Dance

The small music box plays a sonf by opening the lid.
Price: 30 Linden

Shari Davies - Single Pieces

These musicboxes are single pieces with different melodies and textures.
Price: 200 Linden each

Sir Real (vgtar.carlberg) -  Kumar

The box tells after click a story that Sir Real experienced RL in India at Christmas time.
Price: 150 Linden

Ub Yifu - Gramophone

A beautiful classic grammophone spreading scores with a nice melody
Price: 500 Linden

The photos just show the beauty of the works. Come, see them and fulfill one of your New Years's resolutions! Open until Jan. 22nd.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shekhawati/101/67/22

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