Home and Garden Expo: My Paradise....

..and my evil neighbor, or "L'enfer c'est les autres"

Hope Cottage -  Dorian Designs,
 Grape Vine Trellis - Light -  [DDD] - *Country* Bench Flower Garden - Dreamscapes Gallery,
Flowerpot Bird Bath Painted Pots - R(S)W , old rose which accompanies purple - Forest Feast
Old Shade Tree - Roawenwood, sweet memory tree - Forest Feast, flagstone pavers - [ba] barnesworth anubis
1 Prim Purple Flower Patch + 1 Prim Pink Flower Patch - Persnickity

Fountain Octagonal - Atelier Visconti,  Crumbling Rock Wall - ~*~ Inspired ~*~
Sylvains A Green_Red - Forest Feast, Very long field of Plants - Tulips - Steaming Ahead

You may have seen that I did not post the last days. The "Art in Hats and Hats in Art" event starts to keep me busy. As soon I log in I get IM, see wonderful hat creations and help to find the right photographer. It is already much fun.

But another reason was the Home and Garden Expo, which offers unlimited ideas and I fell especially in love with the Hope Cottage and Swing by Dorian. It immediately reminded me of the novels by Rosamunde Pilcher. I always imagined the English cottages in her stories as romantic as this one. In my mind I started to furnish the cottage. Since the deserved 300 prims has not been free on my land, I rented another one to create a paradise of romance and harmony...

Sideboard Bianca Kitchen Work Island RFL Special - Katy's Kreations
Cat Coat Wrack CLock - NACH,
 *Fleur* Flower Pot - Dreamscapes Gallery (Part of the RFL hunt gift) 

*pyramid song (piano) - *ionic*, Stone Wall Sconce - NACH ,  Epoque Carpet with HUD - Atelier Visconti
*Charlotte* Daybed Lilac + *Charlotte* Table Lilac Bird, + *Charlotte* Pouffe Pink - Dreamscape Gallery

amp-pillows seat - *ionic*,  Hutch color change - Dekute Dekore
 Epoque Floor Clock - Atelier Visconti

 in rainbows table and chairs - *ionic*,
Epoque Wall Shelf Unit + Epoque Jam Jars - Atelier Visconti
...but the harmony not even lasted for the building period. I got an IM from my neighbor at the back and I felt immediately transported into one of those reality - shows in documentary style where ugly, unimportant people like you and me are exposing their little, unimportant dramas for others to laugh about. So have here your daily soap:

Alison Bed White2 - *ionic*, bennie small chest white - Second Spaces
Epoque Sofa + Ottoman - Atelier Visconti
Epoque Sofa  with color change HUD - Atelier Visconti
waisted white roses cabinet - *ionic*
Evil Neighbor: hello
Quan Lavender: hello
Evil Neighbor: your tree exceeds on my property, remove your tree of my land
Quan Lavender: the tree is on my land (I needed the trees to cover the ugly property of Evil Neighbor)
Evil Neighbor: you can see that far exceeds your tree on my property
Quan Lavender: I will remove soon anyway. I do a photo setting for Home and Garden Expo goods for my blog.. I am done tonight
Evil Neighbor: ok if you want to do so I'll have it done by the owner of the sim
Quan Lavender: you can derender
Evil Neighbor: you have no right to exceed the other land and disturb other tenants
Quan Lavender: I disturb nobody, it is just a tree
Evil Neighbor: I'm not coming with you exceed my objects, so respect what I say. you bother me, when you exceed your items home
Quan Lavender: and again, I am doing a photo session now and I am done in a few hours anyway. I had to derender your ugly tree too, it made all pink here. 
Evil Neighbor: My tree does not exceed on your land
Quan Lavender: but the ugly pink light
Evil Neighbor: I asked you to remove your tree beyond my land, you do not want to respect this?, I do know of any way to the owner of the sim, I have no object beyond on your land, and what I have on my site that is not on your land than you can look in any case, with light or not?, this is my deco, you can put whatever you want with you but you must not exceed home. Now if you do not want to respect what I ask you, you're stupid and you will care about me, and you do not respect me

messy bookshelf - Second Spaces,
Lounger Side Table Light Wood +  Decorative Art Books +  Wood Ducks - 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

Waist Bins - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] , Gardener Table Set - Dreamscape Gallery,
Wild Rose purple + Sweet Memory Tree - Forest Feast, Garden Cafe Table and Chair Set - {what next}

And Evil Neighbor reported to the sim owner who was much nicer to me. I am really glad that I rented this place just for a week to take this photos. I am sure I would need an excellent advocate in autumn otherwise. Imagine what would happen when the leaves are falling from the trees!

Wild Canary and Chick in Nest animated - The Forest™
Sweet pea violet - Forest Feast

The most pious man can't stay in peace
If it doesn't please his evil neighbor.
(taken from F. Schiller: Wilhelm Tell)

Dress and necklace by AlaFolie and hat by Gos

Paradises are never real or just temporary, even in SL. But we can dream of them in beautiful builds. A big thank you to all designers. You make our daily life nicer. Enjoy the Home and Garden Expo!

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Cat Boccaccio said...

What a beautiful, peaceful cottage and garden! Makes my box in the sky look pretty pitiful. :)